RedPen WordPress Plugin is now available

As a major step towards popularization of RedPen we created a WordPress Plugin. It was never easier to auto-detect mistakes in posts before they get published. RedPen Plugin allows validating posts as you type by marking validation errors in-place in Visual WordPress editor or highlighting them on-click in Text WordPress editor. Mistake explanation can be found by hovering marked text in the post or in a list below, which shows all currently present mistakes.


To make it easier to maintain multilingual websites the language of the current post is detected automatically up to a variant (e.g. different Japanese symbol widths: zenkaku or hankaku). However, manual language change is also available if auto-detection fails (e.g. for cases when multiple languages are used in a single post).

Validation starts working out of the box after simple installation from WordPress Plugin Directory. Advanced users of RedPen will find it easy to customize RedPen settings to match their needs: all validators and symbols can be easily configured via convenient GUI. Don’t hesitate to modify the configuration, it can always be reset to default by a single click.


The plugin is integrated with the RedPen Server via REST API. By default, the plugin uses public RedPen installation at Heroku for validation. However, if you are uncomfortable sending your text for validation to an external server, you can easily configure the plugin to use your own instance of RedPen Server. Server location is configurable via Settings > Writing.


RedPen WordPress Plugin is now available