Released RedPen v1.8

We released RedPen v1.8 this week. This article introduces the new features supported in this version. We can download the latest version from the release page or Homebrew.

Specify the input sentence

The redpen command support –sentence option. With this option, users can specify the input sentences without creating the input file. The following is a sample to specify a input sentence.

 ➜ redpen git:(set-locale-with-option) redpen -s "This is is a pen"
[2017-03-20 22:59:02.487][INFO ] cc.redpen.Main - Configuration file: /usr/local/Cellar/redpen/1.8.0/libexec/conf/redpen-conf-en.xml
[2017-03-20 22:59:02.495][INFO ] cc.redpen.config.ConfigurationLoader - Loading config from specified config file: "/usr/local/Cellar/redpen/1.8.0/libexec/conf/redpen-conf-en.xml"
[2017-03-20 22:59:02.505][INFO ] cc.redpen.config.ConfigurationLoader - Succeeded to load configuration file
[2017-03-20 22:59:02.506][INFO ] cc.redpen.config.ConfigurationLoader - Language is set to "en"
[2017-03-20 22:59:02.506][WARN ] cc.redpen.config.ConfigurationLoader - No variant configuration...
[2017-03-20 22:59:02.507][INFO ] cc.redpen.config.ConfigurationLoader - No "symbols" block found in the configuration
[2017-03-20 22:59:02.511][INFO ] cc.redpen.config.SymbolTable - Default symbol settings are loaded
[2017-03-20 22:59:02.570][INFO ] cc.redpen.parser.SentenceExtractor - "[., ?, !]" are added as a end of sentence characters
[2017-03-20 22:59:02.570][INFO ] cc.redpen.parser.SentenceExtractor - "[', "]" are added as a right quotation characters
[2017-03-20 22:59:02.914][INFO ] org.reflections.Reflections - Reflections took 58 ms to scan 1 urls, producing 5 keys and 53 values
[2017-03-20 22:59:02.969][WARN ] cc.redpen.validator.ValidatorFactory - cc.redpen.validator.section.VoidSectionValidator is deprecated
[2017-03-20 22:59:02.976][WARN ] cc.redpen.validator.ValidatorFactory - cc.redpen.validator.sentence.SpaceBeginningOfSentenceValidator is deprecated
[2017-03-20 22:59:02.987][INFO ] org.reflections.Reflections - Reflections took 3 ms to scan 1 urls, producing 160 keys and 163 values
[2017-03-20 22:59:03.086][INFO ] cc.redpen.util.DictionaryLoader - Succeeded to load UnexpandedAcronymValidator default dictionary.
[2017-03-20 22:59:03.092][INFO ] cc.redpen.util.DictionaryLoader - Succeeded to load weak expressions.
[2017-03-20 22:59:03.099][INFO ] cc.redpen.util.DictionaryLoader - Succeeded to load word frequencies.
[2017-03-20 22:59:03.101][INFO ] cc.redpen.validator.JavaScriptValidator - JavaScript validators directory: js
1: ValidationError[SuccessiveWord], Found word "is" repeated twice in succession. at line: This is is a pen

Introduce function deprecation

Users have reported that names of several functions is misleading. For example, VoidSection  does not represents the function. In this version, we deprecates VoidSection  and instead made EmptySection with the same behavior.

Fix bugs

Plan for next version

We will support restrucuredText in the next release and make the language of error message selectable with a simple command line option.

Released RedPen v1.8