Released RedPen v1.4 (LaTeX support)

We released RedPen v1.4. We hope that you will download it from the following URL and try using it.

The centerpiece of release v1.4 is support for the LaTeX format.

LaTeX support

In this release, we provided experimental support for LaTeX as an input format. Many people have requested LaTeX support, starting from the initial development of RedPen. Since the v0.6 release, we took one year to support LaTeX, and we finally succeeded.

Unfortunately, the LaTeX support is limited in the following ways:

  1. RedPen LaTeX parser does not work well when macros are used to add your own tags
  2. It does not support a complete check of sentence in lists and tables

Although these are big constraints, we believe that it would be used to inspect papers and documents.

Enhancement of functions (Validators)

In v1.4, we also concentrated on enhancements the (Validator) functions. To the added functions, three types of language support were added: support in both Japanese and English, support in English only, and support in Japanese only.

Functions supported in both Japanese and English

  • DoubleNegative In both Japanese and English, double negative statements are difficult to understand. If a double negative is present in the text, an error is output.

Functions supported in English only

  • FrequentSentenceStart When writing a document in English, many sentences can start with We. Because even when there is no problem with the content, the appearance is bad, and therefore it is good to swiftly replace them. Consider the following example.

We propose a novel method. We demonstrate the effectiveness of the method.

We in the above example has been used twice in a row. Without changing the meaning, we will edit the sentences to prevent continuous use of the same subject.

We propose a novel method. The effectiveness of the method is demonstrated in the experiments.

  • UnexpandedAcronym This function checks documents for the presence of acronyms and also for the original words that they represent.
  • WordFrequency If the word frequency within the document differs from the usual, an error is output.
  • Hyphenation If hyphen usage is not correct, an error is output.
  • NumberFormat If number formats differ from correct usage in English, an error is output.
  • ParenthesizedSentence This function inspects for usage of parentheses. If there are nested parentheses or more parentheses than specified, an error is output.
  • WeakExpression If the text has an ambiguous English expression, an error is output. For example, words such as €œcompletely€ and €œhuge€ should be replaced with more accurate representations.

Functions supported in Japanese only

  • Okurigana If Japanese okurigana word endings are used incorrectly, an error is output.
  • DoubledJoshi if a particle is used more than once in a sentence, it might be difficult to read.

Prospect of version 1.5

We will continue development of RedPen v1.5 and more. The fact is that we have not yet set the priorities, but for v1.5, a mechanism that can easily test functions written in JavaScript would be included.

Released RedPen v1.4 (LaTeX support)

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